Mazda RX-7 Electric for 2013

Mazda has been working on an upgrade on the RX-7, which will hopefully be available by 2013.

They are taking their sporty RX-7 model and enhancing it to an electric turbocharged vehicle, tentatively to be called the RX-9.

The Japanese auto maker's RX-9 could get a boost in power to its Renesis rotary engine (the latest break thruogh from Mazda) to compensate for the slightly slower engine used in the RX-8.

The power increase could come from differnent of technologies being explored. "We're testing the rotary in conjunction with technologies including an electric turbocharger," one unnamed source said.

Mazda is looking to tackle the electric sports car market (where others are targeting the luxury market) - a line of cars with powerful electric powered, rechargeable engines and la lot of horsepower.

Mazda is still keeping their goal of being the world's top electric car maker within the next few years.

The RX-7 / RX-9 prototype falls in with the flowing style of design Mazda started toying with in 2007. Many of the Mazda's current designs have a bit of the Nagare (flow in Japanese) look to them - think of the MAZDA3's "big smile" grill.

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