2012 Mazda RX-9

New details are starting to emerge about the 2012 Mazda RX-9.

According to AutoCar, the RX-9 will be the spiritual successor to the RX-7 and feature a traditional two-door body. It is rumored to weigh approximately 2755 lbs and share chassis components with the next-generation MX-5.

Power will be provided by a new rotary engine, which is expected to use an electric supercharger, with upwards of 300 horsepower. Despite the added performance, the RX-9 will be more efficient than the RX-8. A launch of the all new RX-9 is scheduled for sometime next year.

It's predecessor, the RX-7, was initially to be an all electric sportscar. Mazda still has a goal of being the world's top electric car maker within the next few years.

This RX-9 prototype falls in with the Nagare (meaning Flow in Japanese) style of design Mazda began toying with back in 2007. Many of the Japanese auto maker's current designs have a bit of the Nagare look to them - think of the MAZDA3's "big smile" grill.

Check out the latest from Mazda today at Twin City Mazda - 3076 Airport Highway, Alcoa, TN 37701.

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