MAZDA2 to Get 70 MPG SKYACTIV Engine

The new MAZDA2 has many of the features that make it a big success as a subcompact car. It's stylish, sporty, and affordable. There is still one area which Mazda hopes to improve: fuel-efficiency.

"Mazda is renewing its entire powertrain and platform lineup at the same time as   revolutionizing every manufacturing process from R&D through to mass production," said hief Executive Officer Takashi Yamanouch. "There have been no compromises in addressing conflicting goals. Instead, we have implemented a 'breakthrough' approach to technical innovation in all areas that has produced incredible, unexpected results.

The current MAZDA2, with a manual transmission, gets 29 mpg city and 35 mpg highway, which is certainly on the good side of fuel-efficiency. But when the next-generation hits showrooms, Mazda will replace its powertrain with its all-new SKYACTIV engine and transmission technology. The goal is to get the MAZDA2 to achieve 70 mpg according to the automaker, making it the most fuel-efficient gas-powered car available.

Mazda will launch the next MAZDA2 in Japan in early 2011, with sales in other markets to follow. While the MAZDA2 is still a very new model in the U.S., it has been on sale overseas for quite some time, which explains the rather swift arrival of the next-gen model.

"I promise that we will offer the Demio at a lower price than a hybrid of the same segment," said Yamanouchi during a news conference, declining to elaborate.

If the next MAZDA2 will be able to reach the 70 mpg mark, it will be able to exceed the mileage of hybrids, and still undercut their price. To take the latest MAZDA2 available for a test drive, visit Twin City Mazda - 3076 Airport Highway, Alcoa, TN 37701.


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