Mazda SKY Rotary Engine

Mazda has been seen on the forefront of engine design for awhile. Mazda's RX series tests the limits of what powerplant deign can mean to today's auto industry. The Rotary engine is a basis in that lineup of vehicles and the RX-2 will be produced with the same.

The new generation of the Mazda RX-8 will see a significantly imporved fuel economy, which we can thank the SKY Rotary engine for.

Mazda has been planning the second generation of the RX-8 with a re-engineered rotary engine. The auto maker's engineers plan on delivering a new powerplant with 50 percent better fuel economy. If the goal is achieved, Mazda will brand this engine the new SKY moniker - a name they are using for a new lineup of fuel efficient four-cylinder gas and diesel.

Unconfirmed rumors are spreading that hybrids may be used to further improve the rotary engine of the future. Other over-seas cars with sportier engines are looking at high performance hybrid technology for their engines.

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