Mazda Planning Small SUV

While the compact SUV market continues to grow, auto makers are looking into changes for the future of their line-ups. Also known as CUV's, Crossovers,  havecompanies like Mazda hoping to tackle this growing trend in automotive by introducing updated, smaller SUVs.

Japanese reports reveal that Mazda Motors is planning on launching small SUVs in the next couple of years, with much speculation surrounded names and powertrains for each.

Rumors online suggest the talked about Mazda mini-SUV could be dubbed CX-3. This SUV will reportedly be constructed with a version of the  MAZDA3 undercarriage, and use the Japanese auto maker's all-new,  highly advanced Sky-D and Sky-G engines.

Mazda already has fans of smaller car lovers in their grasp, with vehicles like the hit CX-7 and their newly introduced in the United States MAZDA2 hatchback. And even while sales of larger vehicles continues to fall in the US, Mazda's larger CX-9 is still recording record figures for a vehicle in that class.

The Mazda compact SUV will make an appearance soon, with sales expected to begin sometime in 2012.

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