Mazda MX-5 Gets Turbo Boost

The new and improved MAZDA MX-5 is getting a boost in horsepower. The sporty vehicle by Mazda will receive a turbocharged upgrade and it will be losing a little weight.

The new MX-5 has been trimmed down to its lightest weight ever, 1764 lbs. This is even lighter than its 1989 counterpart, which measured 2105 lbs. MAZDA would have made the MX-5 even lighter, but safety features, such as air-bags and internal metal work, are mandatory and typically not light.

"Engine displacement will be sized down to approximately 1.5 liters," according to AutoCar, "featuring 4-cylinder turbo direct injection with low-friction reciprocating parts and variable cam phasing. The transmission will get a makeover while preserving its precision, and the exhaust may be redone, as well."1

"The overall design will be smaller and more narrow for the MX-5 and the structure will be steel for cost purposes. But Mazda is coming up with other creative ways to keep things light."2

Come take the MX-5 for a test run today at Twin City Mazda in Alcoa, TN.


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