MAZDA Implements High Tensile

Early next year, the Japanese auto maker will introduce their 2012 Mazda CX-5 at dealerships across the country, including Twin City Mazda in Alcoa, TN. What's so special about this upcoming crossover? Aside from it being a much anticipated new model from the company, it is the first car implementing ultra-high tensile steel in its design.

But what does that mean to the driver?

Ultra-high tensile steel will work with a new energy absorbing structure in various parts of the vehicle body. This material will compress and absorb more during a crash, giving any occupants a better chance of surviving accidents. It will also greatly improve maneuvering.

"Mazda conducted extensive research into how bumper beams deform in a crash, and created a new design that absorbs energy more efficiently," according to one report.1

The ultra-high tensile steel will be fabricated into front and rear bumper beams. The bumpers will become 20% stronger and 10.5 pounds lighter. This gives way to greater miles per gallon ratings for CX-5, as well as future vehicles that implement this material, along with the fuel efficient SKYACTIV engine.

Ultra-high tensile steel plays a key part in Mazda's plan for lightweight, highly rigid vehicle bodies.


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