New Mazda EV Set for Release in Japan

As governments tighten restrictions on fuel-economy, and climate change concerns continue to grow, it is only to be expected car manufacturers would all begin producing all electric vehicles or hybrids.  The Prius with its 51 miles per gallon fuel economy has been an innovator in its class - but Mazda is about to drop their hat into the ring and steal some of the spotlight.

Mazda recently announced that they'd be releasing their first all electric vehicle in Japan this fall, the Demio EV, based on the gasoline-powered Mazda2 we're familiar with here in the U.S. The first 100 models will be available for lease by corporate and government agencies in the Chugoku region of Japan, and while no monthly payment amounts were released, Mazda estimates that the car is worth $45,000.

For the time being it will only be available in Japan, but Mazda has promised that their all electric car will make it to the states by 2018.  The current model of the Demio EV's powertrain produces 100 horsepower and has a distance of 125 miles before it needs to be charged.  It takes 8 hours to fully charge it, but you can also utilize the fast charger which pushes the time towards 4 hours.

Be sure to stay tuned with Twin City Mazda to learn more about the reception of the Demio EV in Japan, as that will determine when and how Mazda will deliver their first all electric to the USA.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out all of the other valuable efficiency work Mazda is putting into their lineup - including the all-new Mazda3 with SKYACTIV Technology. Drop by our showroom at 3076 Airport Highway, Alcoa, TN to take one for a spin and chat with a member of our team about specs, trim levels, and lease and finance options.

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