'Wall of Death' Conquered by Mazda2

The 'Wall of Death' has amazed countless amounts of people across the world since 1927. Its thrilling high vertical walls (90-degree angles) and daredevil motorcyclists have defied convention.

We saw the Mazda2 scale the 'Wall of Death' with the much needed help of the Demon Drome crew, the owners and experts. Before the compact Mazda2 could scale the wall, however, a few tweaks were made.New bumper stops were installed and the fog lights were removed so the Mazda2 could have some flexibility to handle the compression rate of the wall which is about twice the force of gravity.

Once the Mazda2 was set for the historic run, Demon Drome leader Dynomyte Dave revved up the 100 horsepower, four-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine and started the slow build up to full speed. Though it slipped just a tiny bit rising to the top, once the Mazda2 was operating at full power, it was zooming around the 'Wall of Death' with ease. After piloting the vehicle on the wall, Dynomyte Dave and everyone else who witnessed it were understandably pumped up, as it was certainly a sight to behold.

Check out the YouTube.com page of Zoom Zoom Magazine at http://www.youtube.com/user/zoomzoommag to see this amazing stunt.

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