Putin On Hand to Open Russian Mazda Factory

You know the arrival of a foreign automaker is fairly significant when the president shows up to great it. Such is exactly the scene that recently played out in Russia where Mazda just inaugurated its first manufacturing plant. The country's leader, Vladimir Putin, took time out of his schedule to attend the enthused gathering.

Built as a collaborative effort with Sollers OJSC, the Vladivostok-based Mazda plant will start churning out the venerable Mazda CX-5 this fall and follow with the Mazda6 shortly after in the spring. Placement for the location of the plant is quite strategic as Putin hopes to modernize the area and transform it into a solid channel to the Asian market.

The president explains, "We want the plant to achieve high quality standards and become a hub for exports to the Asian market."1

Motivation behind the Japanese automaker's move to Russia comes from a recent growth in auto sales within the area. More specifically, the brand sold 40,000 new Mazda vehicles in the market last year and hopes to eventually hit a production capacity in Russia of 100,000 models per year.

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Source: 1http://www.marketwatch.com/story/mazda-opens-its-first-factory-in-russia-2012-09-06

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