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Brodie Britain Racing Packs more Punch in MX-5 Miata

Are you a fan of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. If so, Twin City Mazda is about to release some information that is going to have you thrilled. A British tuning group has just released the ultimate performance package for the MX-5 Miata. They've taken the already loved two-seat roadster and made it into something that is going to be catching everybody's attention.

The ingenious gear gurus at Brodie Britain Racing (BBR) have been…

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NFL Athlete Shows Soft Spot for His 1991 Mazda

Upon hearing that an NFL player drives a Mazda vehicle one would assume it's got to be a shiny new MX-5 Miata or maybe even a turbocharged, tricked out MAZDASPEED3. However, that is not exactly the case. Alfred Morris, starting running back for the Washington Redskins and rising professional football star, rolls into the stadium in a 1991 Mazda 626 sedan.

Anyone out there a little shocked? Twin City Mazda certainly was. While we certainly have a bias towards Mazda autos, even we were a bit surprised to find that the talented athlete isn't cruising around in something…

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Mazda Debuts Updated 2013 MX-5 Miata in Japan

Recently, auto brand Mazda debuted a refreshed version of its MX-5 Miata in Japan, where it is known as the Mazda Roadster. And though the vehicle hasn't been officially announced for the U.S. market, there's a good chance we could be seeing a very similar version in the future.

The 2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata doesn't include huge edits, but it does have several minor ones to hold it over until its…

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